Lightworker Nation is our nation. It is a manifestation of divine, clear guidance.

It was co-created through myself and the Universe, as a place of support, guidance, love, Light, creativity, art, business, entrepreneurship, sisterhood + brotherhood, abundance, impromptu dance parties + possibilities.

Without You It is nothing

We are here to bring into the physical world that which lives in our heart, in our dreams. This time is the most amazing time to be alive, not only because of the millions of awakenings taking place all over the planet that’s been predicted for centuries, but also because of our unlimited potential in technology to serve others all over the world from our zen den’s! There are untethered possibilities available to us, and they’re only growing. Your story, your past? It’s your currency for bringing you to where you are now. Does that make sense to you? Despite how fucked up it may seem, what it is you went through to get here, it was all designed and executed perfectly.

It planted the seed for you to look for another way, and then to experience miracles and now the desire to share those miracles + your message. There are countless others with your story and they’re waiting for you to help them. Now, regardless of how you choose to share your Light, your message – writing a book, public speaking, coaching, building an online platform, opening up a yoga studio, etc. there is a ton of work that you need to do. While working for yourself does offer freedom, it’s still work (although it doesn’t always feel like work)! When we start to live in the joy of our Light and to do the work that we know we are meant to do, doors start to open, miracles happen, opportunities present themselves.

The Universe aligns itself to your dream. And then you become a servant, if you will, to your dream. Your dream becomes the boss of you. It tells you what to do, where to go next, what the next step should be… Start where you are. You’re more ready than you realize. People need what you have to offer now, they need your guidance now, they need your perception of truth, they need your Light NOW. Remember, it’s about process, not perfection. We are always learning, growing, expanding.. but we are also teachers. We teach the Truth, the Light. We’ll be in a much different place in a year from now. I actually feel different week to week, even day to day, moment by moment from learning from experiences and releasing shit that no longer serves me, on the daily. It’s kinda trippy, but that’s our true work. Our true work is to reset back to love, to Light. Reset. Reset. Reset. Then show others how to reset. That’s our real work.