Work your Light.
Heal the world.
Be abundantly supported.

Dissolve the blocks that keep you from being your
Brightest, Lightest Self,
from doing work you love, helping others
+ supporting yourself doing it.


Are you a Lightworker knowing that you have BIGGER work to do than what you’ve been doing lately?
Do you find yourself slipping into old patterns?
Is flexing your Light muscle on a daily basis more challenging than you thought?

Lightworker Nation is here to help you, guide you
+ support you! You are not alone!

As a Light Coach and someone who has committed to living my Light and letting go of what does not serve the work I am here to do (healing my old limiting perceptions and holding healing space of possibilities for YOU!), my life has become one of fulfillment, purpose, love + Light!
I love nothing more, pardon me, I’m OBSESSED with nothing more than showing you that the life you’ve had glimpses of IS possible! The life you know is waiting for you if only you could dissolve your ancient beliefs + actions
you’ve been taking for the ones you know to be True.

I know this because I’ve been exactly where you are!

I created this course to show you that you CAN shift your thoughts, your beliefs, your patterns AND your life!
You CAN work your Light like a full time job + you CAN make money doing it. This takes a moment by moment practice but it is so friggin’ worth it!

Lightworker Nation would not be a thing without my practice + now I KNOW that I was born to do this! #itallmakessense


The ‘I Am a Lightworker Course’ is designed to guide you to:

:: Connect to the Light within you by cultivating a daily (and moment by moment) practice.
:: Gain strength, courage, creativity, self love and inner peace.
:: Notice what your current patterns in Self, relationships, money and more are that are keeping you stuck in the past.
:: Create new possibilities by learning how to surrender your old patterns.
:: Choose new thoughts, actions + perspectives. #everythingchanging
:: Let gratitude take over. Soon you’ll have gratitude for the shitstorm you’ve been cursing.. Crazy, BUT TRUE!  #rewriteyourstory
:: Energetically move forward into the YOU that already lives within you, but has been covered up but shit that hasn’t served you in forever!
:: Reflect + celebrate all that already exists in your life and align with all that will be. #manifest
:: Rewire your thoughts and shift your words.  Our words are so much more powerful than we realize!
:: Heal your past, appreciate your now + create your future!

The What:

  • A 3 module course featuring a weekly live video call via zoom, short audio tracks, my slides, guided meditations and journaling prompts
  • Completely live course with the videos emailed to you that you have access to forever
  • My course notes for you to download and keep forever
  • Expansion homework that you WANT to do
  • Unlimited email support and Voxer (an audio application) from me for the duration of the course to help guide you to keep you on track (priceless!)

The When

Week #1 Thursday, August 17th at 2pm-3:30pm.

Week #2 Thursday, August 24th at 2pm-3:30pm.

Week #3 Thursday, August 31st at 2pm-3:30pm.

(they will all be recorded and emailed to you, in case you cannot be on the calls live)

If you take the time to do the work,

it will shift your life in ways you never thought possible..  #miracles  

Remember, this healing time is a GIFT for yourself AND you know, just ALL OF HUMANITY!

The Where:

  • In the comfort of your own home. All calls happen via Zoom, which is a video conferencing call platform. 
  • Grab a tea, a new journal, light a candle, slip on your slippers and sit somewhere private, quiet + comfortable in your home or office

The Why:

  • Because you have only one lifetime as YOU! You KNOW you’re here to shine, do the work you know you’re meant to + to realize that the shit in your life is not meant to hold you back, it’s meant to guide you to SHINE!  (seems crazy but it’s true!)
  • This work works when you show up for yourself.  Take it seriously, block time in your calendar, and your perception of life WILL shift.

Am I The Right Lightworker Guide For You?  What other Lightworker’s Are Saying..

IMG_7274You’re gonna rock the shit out of it and everything you do, everyone you touch. YOU. ARE AMAZING. And cute, and caring and lovely and super charming and a great listener and so full of love and light and so wise and tolerant and selfless and open and BRIGHT! You are the perfect shining star to run Lightworker Nation, that’s why God asked you to do it. So tell your ego if it has a problem to talk to GOD.
~Amy Wahbe

IMG_7275Girl!!!  You have the most pure, loving, gentle, happy energy! I feel like anyone who is around you just gets this boost of joy and light. You are SO authentic, SO fun, SO loving, SO strong and SO beautiful inside and out! And you are being CALLED to do this work! I have watched it just pour out of you…. you are on a mission of Light and you are surrounded by angels in all that you do. You were born to do this love, and you are going to to help so many with your gorgeous work! I’m here anytime you need an ego smackdown, and you know I’m behind you 100%!!!
~Amber Rochelle Hargett

IMG_7277Thank you! Thank you thank you. Thank you for giving me the space to let it all out. Your love is so radiant and I think it overwhelmed me at first – I’m so used to giving out all the love, to being the light for everyone, and you are helping me open myself to receive it which I ‘know’ is equally important to giving it out, but my gosh have I been self-sabotaging and blocking the love coming from others. I’ve been playing the lone warrior story and it’s so not necessary!!!!! And you, my dear, have just busted through my block!
~Katy Sandberg

IMG_7276You are a rock star, Vicky! You are going to sparkle your fairy dust on everyone you touch!
~Julie Messier Brigante

The Who:

vicky_auf_der_mauerHi! I’m Vicky auf der Mauer, and I’m a Light Coach!

My mission in life is to show you, remind you and re-introduce you to the Light within you. It’s your everything!  I am OBSESSED with this because I’ve turned my life from being lost and heading nowhere fast to living in my Light + loving my life! I’ve surrendered my ancient beliefs, patterns + story (and WHAT a fucking story it WAS) and NOW live a life full of days that make up a gorgeous divinely guided life. This isn’t to say that everything is perfect (none of us really want that, do we?!)! Far from it, but when shit hits the fan it does NOT have the impact that it used to… I have completed the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One + Level Training with Gabrielle Bernstein and am also a May Cause Miracles Coach.
It actually all makes sense now. The shit storm brought me here, to reflect YOUR Light back to you!

Don’t be afraid, we were born to do this!

I am thrilled, honoured, humbled + grateful for the opportunity to work and witness your transition! I have dedicated my life to this work and this conversation. Life doesn’t have to be so hard. We are creators and the Universe supports you 100% in your desire to expand with it and live the life you know you’re meant to!

If you’re ready to Live Your Light + Love Your Life click the button below to purchase.

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(This course will not be offered at this price again. The value for this content, processes, recordings and possibilities for your life is incredible (a little crazy, actually!)

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StarShifts of perspective into a life of possibilities happens through you, not me. I Am your guide, teacher + cheerleader! I hold space for transformation in you only IF you want it. You must show up!  Do the exercises, go through the processes and the homework, make this experience a priority.  This is a practice, a commitment and I’m not gonna lie, it’s WORK, but I promise you one thing – a beautiful life IS available to you, regardless of your ‘story’. I hold space for you but the work must be done by you.


heart  What do I need in order to get the most out of this course?
You need a desire to shift your perspective, the willingness to look at your shit, an open mind and a belief in a power or force greater than you.  I’m not teaching you that you are a spiritual being – you already know that, I’m teaching you how to best utilize the spirit + Light within you to create the life you KNOW you’re meant to live!

heartWhen will you be offering this course again? 
Yes, but not sure when, but never at this low cost again. My time and energy are valuable (as are yours) and I am gaining a tremendous amount learning from you as well, hence the low cost. Thank you for being here. I am truly honoured to serve you!


heartWhat is your refund policy? 
As per industry standard, there are no refunds after you purchase, so PLEASE make sure this course is right FOR YOU before you purchase.

If you have any more questions email me at

Created with love + Light,