You are a Bright Light.
You are a force in this world.
You are more powerful than you can realize, than you can imagine.
You have the ability to change the world.
You know that when you heal your own shit, the healing benefits not only yourself.
You have clear vision.
You know what is True.
You remember that only love is real.
You forgive, even when it’s really fucking hard.

You are not too cool to pray anymore. You pray like a mofo 'cause it friggin' works.

You believe in a divine intelligence, an energy in everyone and everything else aka. source, higher power, higher self and your surrender your shit to divine intelligence.  It feels fucking good that you don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, and rely on your own strength.

You know it’s not about being perfect.
You are ready, and willing.
You show up daily, or at least that’s your intention.

You are ready to create from your heart, your Light, ready to create what the world needs.
You want other peeps in your past scenario to not have to hurt so much, and to experience the change in perceptions to get you here.

You know that it all makes sense now.  All the messiness, all the pain, the anger, the numbing out, the hurt.  It all brought you here to Lightworker Nation, living your Light, loving your life!  You know that now.

You want to share your Light.
You have to.
You feel like you don’t have a choice.
You have work to do.

You're ready to dive deeper, feel more, surrender, evolve, forgive - others and yourself.
You're ready to commit, to invest in your Self, in your Light, so you can shine unapologetically.

I can show you how.

Let’s align and do it together.
This lifetime is a blessing.  Live the life you know you’re meant to.

Lightworker Nation.  We Are.