And a visionary.

This is NOT how the first ‘half’ of my life was described.

Flailing, more like it.


Looking for validation and acceptance from anyone, anywhere.

But life had a better plan for my life than I did.

‘Cause when one hits a bottom things have to change.

Or stay the same.

The Light within me, it was always there, pulled me forward and led me here.

Lightworker Nation was a gift from God. *I* didn’t create it, The Universe literally gave it to me in a moment.

This is a community for you to thrive in, to strengthen your Light in, and for you to shine in.

There are major shifts happening on the planet right now. People are waking up! I believe this is the best time to be alive. Not only is there a new enlightened conversation being had across social media, in the workplace, and around the world, but the possibilities of building a business is changing the very potential of our lives. Hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs are doing what they love, making a tremendous impact impact on people’s lives, working from home, being able to spend more time with their families, or be location independent taking their work with them as they travel. It’s possible for them.

Why not you?
I effing live for this! I’m so passionate, and I know that possibilities are limitless because…

I’ve experienced it.
I know anything is possible because that is the story of my life.
I know forgiveness can move lifetimes of shame, doubt, fear, and anger because I’ve forgiven, and I’ve healed.
I know it’s possible to begin again, and again, and again.. I know that fear may seem real, but really it’s just an illusion and I know that courage can be strengthened.
I know now that only love is real. And if you need help remembering, I want to show you how to remember it too.

I not only find healing in intentional spiritual events, but also in unintentional events, such as seeing live music, walking in the rain, or a ‘random’ song that comes on my genius playlist. It’s all divine… all a lesson.. all to lead me back to my Light, so that I can show you how to shine yours.
To say that I’m obsessed and committed to the spiritual path and to living my dream is an understatement! This path is my everything.
I was born for this!
It all fucking makes sense now………

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