Soften, my Heart.
Let me have compassion.
Let me remember not all of us know of the illusion of this world.

Forgive, surrender, let go.

Us Lightworker’s, we really are here to save this earth. I believe that whole heartedly.

Doesn’t make it easy.. actually sometimes it’s really challenging.

But not impossible.

It’s a reminder, in fact, to keep going.
We were born knowing, and brought here to remind those whose paths we cross, and those who are guided to us..
Only Love is real. Only Light is real.

The cracks in our human experience let our Light out. Out into the world where it’s needed.
There is so much work to do.
Keep going, Darling Lightworker.
We are here with you, for you, alongside you. Let us shine our Light so bright, it’s shine can’t, won’t be denied.

We are so powerful. So much more powerful than we realize!

We are the physical manifestation of Light itself.. Do you know that? You are!
The physical is not real. It seems so often that it is. The pain feels real, the tears, the loss, but it’s all a vehicle, back to the Light.

All of it.

Reset your Light everyday.

Every. Damn. Day.

We need it! The Light needs our hands, our feet, our words, our work. It needs our personality and passion and excitement.
For it is through all of that that it is able to reach more people, those bright Lights waiting for us.
The legacy we leave will ripple into eternity, many lifetimes, beyond this galaxy.
We were born to do this.
Let’s GO!

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Eeeeeeeekk! We’re so excited for you, and the world! We’re all in this together, Gorgeous Lightworker!