..that is how powerful you are!

Your Light is powerful.

It is your courage, your love, your beauty, your compassion, your creativity, your strength,
your Truth.
It is the part of your that WILLS your dreams into BE~ing,
first in your mind,
and then in the here and now, into the physical.
Your Light is not rational, like your mind tries to be (your mind thinks it’s protecting you from the unknown). It doesn’t always make sense to your rational mind, for it has no limitations.

It is limitLESS!

Your Light is the part of you that whispers to you about what it truly desires,
what it longs for, what it dreams of…
It is the part of you that gives you the courage to tell the Truth, to others..
but mostly to your Self.
It is the part of you that is overcome with gratitude for the sun on your skin,
a kind compliment, a nurturing meal,
a hug when you need it most.

Your Light, really, is everything. Everything you love, everything that makes

this lifetime

worth living.
Your Light is always there.
For you to remember it… To unlearn what you thought was real.
And to remove the shadows,
that blocked your Light.
Your Light never dimmed, or dims. Ever.
It waits for your connection, for your surrender, and for your calling upon it.

Anytime. You. Need. It.

Your Light is your dream that *will* change the world.
It is the reason you are here, to shine, unapologetically,
to show others what is possible with one life.

We need you. The world needs you.
You have support now.

We are a sky full of stars, aligning with you.
To bring your dreams into fruition.
We are Lightworkers, and we are ready.

Lightworker Nation. We Are.