You know when you enter a dark room and at first you can’t see a thing, but then your eyes adjust to the darkness and you’re able to make your way around without turning a Light on?  That’s been me the last few months…  In the process of building this gorgeous Nation for you, and everything that goes along with it, I got lost.  My ego was telling me that I don’t have what it takes to create a service based business, that I am not a teacher, and that I needed to learn how this person built their community, and how that person built their following and ONLY THEN will I be ready!  And I believed it!

Well, as the Universe would have it, a series of miracles guided me to remind me my Truth (and yours!), that we are Light beings having a human experience..  So, what does that mean?!  It means that when we remember that we are spiritual beings having a *human experience*, we must recognize that our humanity will lead the way sometimes!

It’s been a painful few months believing that I’m not ready to teach, to guide, and to remind people of their Truth.  Not only do I teach about the Light within us, but I know it to be True, and at times these last few months I felt like such a fraud, and oh boy, did my ego ever run with that!  And then I experienced an unraveling of Truth:

I noticed that I see the Light in everyone but myself.  I literally walk around town seeing and acknowledging the Light within everyone I pass from the service based folks that I come across to the homeless person asking for change and everyone in between..  I see their Light, but when it came to myself, I didn’t.  I messaged a friend and fellow coach for her insight on this and she’s like ‘You hold yourself to a standard that is not accessible.  You’re a perfectionist!’  That had NEVER occurred to me before!  I do hold myself up to a ridiculous standard, which was never enough for my ego, and I believed it!  I saw everyone as ONE, as connected, as the perfect beings that they are, and I held myself to the exception, but not as being exceptional, as being flawed, or ’not ready’.

Then the Universe then gave me this GEM:

When I accept my perfection of Light, and my imperfection that can come with being human, THAT is where miracles happen!


Of course, my ego resisted the idea of imperfection, but the more it sank into my Being, the more peaceful I felt!  

I don’t need to be any more ready than I am at this moment.  I have to still learn some of the tech piece, yes, but as far as being ready to teach others how to connect and commit to their own Light, I’m ready for that!  Through this spiritual awakening and journey that I’ve been on for 7 years, I’ve overcome + surrendered what I believed to be true:  that I needed love and acceptance from outside of myself, that I was damaged goods at life and there was no hope for me, that because I had ‘achieved’ everything that society told me would make me happy and I wasn’t in fact happy that I had reached the pinnacle, and that my past defined me.  These are miracles.  MIRACLES!  I can show you, if you’re ready, how to do the same. Does this mean our life will be perfect?  Um, no!  I do not teach perfection, nor do I even want a perfect life..  (if that’s what you aspire to, I’m def not the Teacher for you.. ), I Teach process – showing up, recognizing the ego vs your Light, forgiveness, surrender, True happiness, self love, and so much more!  I know and trust that this has all been a divine lesson so that I can Teach you, Darling Lightworker who does not feel ready, that you are more ready than you give yourself credit for, not only that it’s ok if you’re not ready.  You’ve got work to do.  Your people need you.  They’re waiting for you to show up so that you can guide them on their own healing journey..  

I am beyond psyched and so grateful to be launching my very first e-course called I Am A Lightworker!!!!! This course is an invitation from my Light to yours..  It is up to you to answer if you feel called, and your intuition is guiding you to.  You are a Lightworker, you are here to make a healing impact on this physical world, not only through the work that you know you are here to do, but also through your presence.  In order to cultivate the brightest Light, to allow yourself to live from that Light and let it continue to guide you, you must connect intentionally to your Light daily, and even moment by moment.  I Teach us how to do that.  I also Teach how to recognize when your Light is blocked by the ego, how to choose from your Light rather than the ego, heal your past and energetically create new possibilities for this lifetime!  I hope you’ll come on this wonderful journey of healing!  I like to say that the spiritual life + practice is like sprinkling gold dust on our day to day lives.  It enhances the beauty that is already there!  


Click here to get more details on the course!  Man, this lifetime ROCKS!  Getting to go on this journey alongside you is going to be EPIC!  YOU inspire me, Darling Lightworker!  xo.

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