When I signed up for Spirit Junkie Masterclass in June of 2014, I answered an invitation to my spirit to deepen my spiritual practice and step into my role as a full time Lightworker BUT I didn’t realize I would also learn the most important lesson of MAKING GOOD MONEY to support myself, my family + my work! My mentor, teacher + friend Gabby Bernstein, the creator of Spirit Junkie Masterclass, is not only a hugely successful speaker and author, but she has built an abundant life doing what Light’s her up, and part of her intention for the weekend was to teach us that not only are we here to do wonderful work, but that we are able to be abundantly supported doing that great work.

I wanted that.


All of the work I had done up until then was really for a paycheque.. Even my work in the business I built with my hubby was to get away from a job, rather than because it Lit me up! But Gabby taught us otherwise. She taught us that our energy is our currency! And the energy of our currency not only supports us physical well being, but also our happiness AND our work + life! I am now on a mission to teach the same thing with Lightworker Nation!
We ARE here to do work that Light’s us up, and we are here to get paid doing it! Financials are often a massive block for a lot of us Lightworker’s, but it doesn’t have to be.. Hear directly from Gabby what she taught us at SJM, she gives us a spiritual smack down on EARNING money to support our Light work, and also the transition from stepping from your job to supporting yourself!

This is absolutely PRICELESS! Click on the link or the banner below for access to this everything changing training!