The date was October 20th, 2011 + it was the 10 month anniversary of my sobriety.


This pic was taken moments after I met my mentor Gabby Bernstein for the first time who was already a few years into her own sobriety. I had just told her that I was 10 months sober and that she showed me that it was possible for me. She cried when I told her… like a sister.  Like a friend.

Before I was guided to Gabby, I didn’t think I could ever live a life without drinking alcohol. But not only do I LOVE living a life of clear energy (as I call it), but I am thriving!
I am doing what I am here to to do, share my story and show others what is possible with their life, just like my teacher Gabby before me!

I Am so freaking excited to share a free video training by Gabby, who is now my friend! She was the one who I reached out to when Lightworker Nation was just a divine thought, she was the one who encouraged me to buy the domain NOW!, she was the one who coached me while I stood on a stage, mic in hand, to share my story, and to show me that I AM a teacher. She continues to guide and show me how it’s done..  This training changed my everything.  It changed the very course of my life, and Lightworker Nation would not be a thing without it.  You don’t want to miss it!

Click on the link or the photograph below to watch this training while it’s available and let her guide you to YOUR OWN Inner Power!