Awaken: Giving Permission To Your Light

I want to dive right into a topic many of us tend to avoid.
We often avoid it out of discomfort or fear, but as Lightworker’s, we know we need to dance with our shadows as well as our blazing Light. I want to talk about the effects of dimming our Light, whether that happens intentionally or not. But of course I also want to talk about how we can keep the channels for our Light clear, bright, and ready to shine.

I imagine many of you in Lightworker Nation had an experience similar to mine in that I only fully understood my Light and my spiritual gifts as an adult. When I was young, I was told I was “dramatic” and “sensitive” and even “just being silly” when I got intuitive hits or downloaded feelings that were beyond my young emotional intelligence. I learned that to fit in – and fitting in was of supreme importance – I needed to repress whatever it was that people were criticizing. I needed to achieve in the specific ways we are taught to achieve; and because I was coming from such a deep deficit of sensitivity, I needed to master this traditional achievement quickly and perfectly.

It was only when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid, that I felt The Universe finally draw a line in the sand. The Universe wants us to live at our core, tuned in and turned on. You know this.

That’s what my diagnosis did for me, it brought me home.

When my doctor turned around with the lab results in one hand, and placed her other hand on her throat, she said to me: “Your body is attacking itself.” I knew instantly in a blinding flash: I had repressed my Light and veered so far off my highest path that my body literally started attacking itself to get my attention. I realized that up until that very moment, I didn’t believe I was worth anything if I slowed down. I was addicted to achievement and external validation. I was misaligned from my core self because I lived my life based on rules I didn’t fully create. I filled my life with “supposed to” lists because that was easier than making the radically non-traditional choices I knew my soul wanted to make. I was striving, somewhat subconsciously, to meet everyone’s expectations of The Successful Professional, The Generous Friend, The Perfect Daughter, The World’s Coolest Girlfriend. In the process, I lost myself.

I know so many of you Lightworker’s have similar experiences, the profound turning point moments that teach you your Light is everything. I want to share with you the 6-step process I used to transform my life, to give permission to my Light, to release the fear that was holding back from living at my absolute core. I designed an e-course around this 6-step process that I offer to you for free…yes, free…no charge whatsoever.
It’s called “Awaken: Your Adventure Begins” and it’s my honor to share it with you.

Before you leave this site to register for the course, however, let me share the steps I took to clear my path so that the Light could shine through. I actually cycle through these steps constantly because there’s always something to fine tune, to clear, to purify.

1. Tune in to your misalignment.

Taking an honest, compassionate look at where in your life you feel misaligned from your soul is your absolute first step. I’m one of Danielle LaPorte’s licensed Desire Map coaches and so in the e-course I help you break down your life into five different categories. Specificity helps you identify exactly where you’re stuck. Let yourself go there…it’s the beginning of everything.

2. Get specific about your misalignment.

Keep digging and figure out WHY the places you’re misaligned are misaligned in the first place. You are not your misalignments, I promise you. You are the aligned, bright, powerful soul that lives at your core. When you get specific about what you are not, you can then declare who you are. For example, I was misaligned when I was hyper-masculine and controlling. Meaning, I am aligned when I am divinely feminine and trust the process. That’s my core.

3. Understand that misalignments manifest in your body.

We know this. We get tension headaches. Our lower back tenses up when we’ve been sitting in stressful meetings all day. In extreme cases such as mine, our body shuts down because she’s so tired of us not listening to her. There are obviously many complex biological and hormonal systems at work in our bodies, but do not discount the metaphysical reality of a soul that will work to get your attention on the physical plane.

4. Forgive. Forgive. Then forgive again.

The Awaken e-course focuses on the ultimate act of forgiveness: Forgiving yourself. You will forgive yourself for everything you didn’t know at the time you didn’t know it. You will forgive yourself for participating in your misalignments. It’s a powerful release and I’ll guide you through it every step of the way.

5. Release fear. Choose Love.

As Lightworker’s we know there are really only two forces in The Universe: fear and love. Fear constricts and love expands. In every moment you have a choice between love and fear. As A Course In Miracles teaches us, a miracle occurs the moment you choose love. A shift in perception is miraculous and it’s yours for the taking. In my favorite module, I guide you through a fear release meditation that Gabby Bernstein taught me in the Spirit Junkie Masterclass. Get ready to let it go.

6. Experiment with joy.

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to want what you want. You deserve to say no. You deserve all of it.

Even if you only pick one thing to do in the next 24 hours that brings you joy, you will shift your vibration. Joy is joy. The vibrational energy of joy is identical whether you quit your job and booked a one-way ticket to Bali (ahem, as I recently did) or you cuddled with your puppy and watched a movie instead of going to the lame cocktail party. If it brings you joy, it changes your vibration. The cumulative effect of a series of small, joyful actions will change your life.

Our life, and our Light, ebbs and flows. We shine brighter on some days that others. That’s all natural and it’s all part of the process. It’s my hope, however, that when you find yourself setting up camp and getting comfortable in a place where you’re misaligned from your core soul, that you’ll come back to this process. Get clear, find it in your body, forgive yourself, choose love, and return to joy. This is our work.

Join me in Awaken: Your Adventure Begins. The course includes a private Facebook community and since I personally facilitate that group, I look forward to getting to know you.



As a coach and fire starter, Gail Jessen’s calling is helping people radically change their life by asking one question: How do you want to feel? Her work focuses on clarity, permission, and freedom, encouraging people to transform life as they know it and choose their own adventure. After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid, she committed to deconstruct her life and rebuild it on her terms. She left her career of 15-years to travel the world indefinitely, beginning her journey with a one-way ticket to Bali. Her Core Desired Feelings are: Magical, Wild, Supple, Luminous.

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