Lightworker Nation consists of so many beautiful Lightworker’s doing beautiful, necessary work.  It’s my honour to feature them here, shining their Light.  We all have our own unique transformational stories, so I’ve asked each Lightworker to write a Love Letter to their Light.  Read, and see your own journey in theirs.

Thank you, Danielle, for the commitment you make to your Light, for listening to it and letting it guide you, and for the incredible work you do! You’re changing the world, Bebe!


‘Please God, just let me get through today.’

For a long time, that was my daily mantra. My prayer to see me through an existence that was seemingly dark. To the outside world, my life was normal. I had a good job, friends and a cozy apartment in a thriving city. To my inside world, it was lackluster and dull, feeling as though there was no purpose, nothing real and tangible that gave meaning to this existence. I wanted to be like everyone else. I wanted to make this box I was in something I could enjoy. However, it wasn’t possible. When you try to shape your world to appease to others, you’ll never be free. You will be bound to unspoken rules, misinterpreted viewpoints and constantly in the shadowy underground, trying to catch up. I supported the darkness with my outer addictions, blacking out to elevate it further. I would always pray for a magical change the next day, yet every morning brought the gloom of disappointment. And so once again, I would offer up to just make it through the day.

I didn’t know that the freedom and love I desired was just dormant on the other side, waiting for me to realize that the change I was hoping for was already inside, I just had to flip the switch.


And in the Fall of 2009, a force greater than my own intervened, and with a heavy hand the Light was activated. It was the first glimpse of the Light that was to save me. As I adjusted to the awkward brightness, through partly shielded hands I could see out into my life and realized a new journey was uncovering before me.

It took many months for me to work with this new Light. I felt like I was starting all over again, learning how to work with the thoughts that triggered me to the darkness as well as nurturing my heart to keep me going in love. There were moments when I wanted to hide back in my cave and go back to the life I didn’t want yet was all I had come to know. However, my Light kept me strong. Keep going, it’d whisper gently.

And so I did.

In it’s truest discovery I realized that the Light was my homecoming, my very own best friend. It’s my most authentic connection with a divine force outside of me.

It wasn’t the feeling of not being good enough or regrettable or misunderstood. It’s real genuine love. And I came to find that the love I felt was purely me.

Were there moments of loneliness when I was first working my light and reorganizing my lifestyle? Absolutely. However, it was those initial moments of sheer ecstasy and bliss that kept me going and in gratitude. To keep doing the work and be curious to where the Light would guide me next.

Soon after I found modalities such as meditation and mindfulness to keep me with the dear Light. I learned what it meant to be in the present moment and it was the greatest gift I’d ever been given. I can still remember that instant of my mind, body and soul all syncing together as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I tapped back into new age curiosities such as Astrology & Tarot and soon the Light brought me to life coaching and eventually Kundalini Yoga.

The Light sparked me to go further and become a teacher of the Kundalini technology, a practice that quite simply cultivates the awareness for us rise up within our own self rite. It was there I was given the spiritual name ‘Sahej Anand’, which means lioness who finds bliss in the present moment under God and shares that joy with others. I wept in awe at it’s divine meaning and at how well it understood just what I felt called in my soul to do.

Today, I hold the blazing flames of my torch high. My trusted fiery Light dazzles and burns through the obstacles and provides me with lessons in turn. It’s brought me to my spirited brothers and sisters that bask in the glow just as I do. And it’s allowed me to guide others to turn on their Light too. To see another way. To know there is a way to see out of the dark fear of the unknown.


There are still instances when I forget. Or it seems dark all over again. However, the Light has made me wise and I know it will never fade out. I can only dream of what the Light has in store for me next and as such I keep showing up to find out. And in the meantime, I will continue to lead, be in awe, and be grateful of it’s love.

The Light came at my darkness hour and restored my soul in such a way that I may auto-illuminate that love throughout the world and into the cosmos. It is all but my birthright to do so and a true honor.

So thank you, sweet Light. Not only did you bring me back to my destiny but showed me the love to make it through each and every day as a blessing.

In radiant dazzling Light,

IMG_7188 Danielle Mercurio is a transformational coach, intuitive astrologist + Kundalini Yoga & meditation teacher, who inspires individuals to experience bliss in their everyday life!

She best describes herself as an “urban gypsy” and believes that the answers we are seeking already exist in the universe and has a way of bringing forth such guidance to reveal your fate. Having a passion for astrology + tarot cards since a young age, she utilizes these cosmic tools to create clarity and awareness for her clients. She has a light-hearted approach, while combining her own intuition and wit, to encourage individuals to stop playing small, build their confidence and make their dreams a reality!

Danielle received her life coach and energy leadership training at the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She has also worked under the spiritual leadership and guidance of Gabrielle Bernstein and is certified in levels 1 & 2 of her Spirit Junkie Masterclass. She loves travel and new adventures, good food and conversation, and being in the present moment.


SUCH a gorgeous letter!  I cried when I first read this!  If it resonates with you, share it + comment below, we love to hear from fellow Lightworker’s!

Sent + created with love + Light,