It’s been an exciting launch week. I’m so grateful to finally be out of the website building closet!  I’m excited by people who are INSPIRED by Lightworker Nation and it MOVES them into action towards their Light!  Shine on, Brother Sister Friend!

Along the journey of dreaming up Lightworker Nation, I’ve been inspired by what so many Lightworker’s are doing, making a huge impact on the world, shining their Light, and supporting themselves on their Light biz.
I reached out to some of the most recognizable Lightworker’s out there, shining their Light, helping people, and changing the world while they’re at it, and I had one question for them:

What does it FEEL like to live your days, build your biz + support your life on your Light?

Louise Androlia:

‘To work doing the things that I love and that feel important to me is a privilege and a blessing. It’s important to understand that building a business upon this isn’t about gaining followers or being famous, it’s about gaining confidence in one self in order to shine something good out to the world.
To be a Lightworker is to fully commit to doing your own healing first and to allow yourself to pursue what you feel passionate about. To stand fully in your highest self and share those passions requires time and respect; to show up for your own pain, your own traumas, valuing your feelings and finding faith in your experience. After this, then it’s possible to get that light out there!
My only goal with my work is to help anyone and everyone feel less alone, so it feels amazing and it feels challenging. I endeavour to get out of my way as much as possible in order to be in my most compassionate self. And finally, that feeling, well, I always feel confident that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.’

louiseandrolia-portraitLouise Androlia is a Writer, Life Coach, Artist and general Magic Maker who works with clients in person, through writing and workshops. She believes in empowerment through self-awareness and is dedicated to helping as many people as possible feel less alone.


Tiffany Pratt:

‘When you feel deep in your being what brings you light and makes you feel you are alive and at most service…this is your calling.
You will do everything you can to do whatever that is everyday of your life so that you can rub your light on whatever it is that you do and whoever it is that you touch. This is your work.
I build my business on equal parts doing what I love and what I know is a growing direction for my work to expand the reach of my service.
I always think about what I can do to be of the most help to whoever I am working with and I always want to be a good and loving force for them.
Being good to your heart and soul is what helps me give with my full heart to anyone that passes me by or hires me.
I have always felt a deep calling to create and in the very center of creating is where I know I can help and touch the lives of others.
I believe all is possible. I believe in miracles. I believe I can MAKE my life like my dreams and help others do the same. Beauty and showing it richness and all of its forms is important to who I am and I stay in a place of awe and gratitude always for what I have and how I can make things more beautiful and possible for myself and those around me.
I feel the universal inside of me, I try to be the conduit of good and inspiration everyday and look at all days with fresh eyes looking for mini miracles everywhere.’

IMG_7128 Tiffany Pratt is a multifaceted designer that makes the world a more beautiful place. Brick by brick, button by button, colour upon colour. She re-imagines people, places and things and elevates the everyday with magic to give life and all its surfaces more meaning.


Katie Dalebout:

‘Living in my light to me is just being real and authentic. And when my work is done from that place I feel energized by it and I know it can inspire others, anything else isn’t fun or impactful.’

IMG_7129Katie is an author, speaker, yoga teacher, social media butterfly, life-coach, podcast host and most importantly, mayor of theWellnessWonderland. I  believe that every detail counts, positive thoughts make miracles, authenticity creates strong relationships, and that every day you should dress, eat, and act like it’s a special occasion.


Rebecca Campbell:

‘It feels great! I believe that we are all being called to follow what lights us up and lose ourselves in the doing. When we do this we light up the world without even trying. As we move into the Aquarian age, the era of following existing models and striving for striving sake are becoming harder to hold onto. In this new age we will be rewarded for embracing our uniqueness and aligning our life towards that. Since I was a teenager I kept my spiritual beliefs to myself, in my spiritual closet. I thought that I needed to fit an existing model, now I realise that it is in embracing our weirdness that we call in our tribe and are able to create the life that were born to live.’

3. Rebecca Campbell 2-2Rebecca Campbell is a Hay House author, inspirational motivational speaker, grounded intuitive mentor and practical intuitive guide. She guides people to awaken the authentic light within and act on the true callings of their soul. One of Hay House UK’s freshest voices, her book “Light Is The New Black: A guide to answering your souls callings and working your light” is out July 2015.


Bridget Trama:

‘It wasn’t until I began teaching A Course in Miracles that I finally understood what it meant to have true Passion. I had been an actor for years and truly enjoyed it, but never understood when a fellow actor would say “they HAD to be an actor. It confused me. I would think to myself I love acting but I don’t HAVE to be one. I longed to feel that in love with something, that I HAD to do it. Then I found A course in Miracles and finally understand what they were taking about. When you are fulfilling your sacred purpose, it becomes like breathing… YOU HAVE TO DO IT!!! The joy that fills you when you are in alignment with purpose is unmatched. I wake up in the morning and I can’t wait to get moving on it.

To serve and share is an inexplicably fulfilling and Joyful way to live. Do I still have ups and downs, of course, its part of the process. But A COURSE IN MIRACLES and my commitment to sharing it is what keeps me sane on this roller coaster ride called life. I have recently begun the transition to making speaking and teaching A Course in Miracles my full time job and I am grateful everyday!’

IMG_7130Bridget Trama is an impassioned inspirational speaker, teacher and advocate for A Course in Miracles, as well as an actor, writer, comedian and life coach. Her combined passion for truth, wellness, spiritual growth, fun, laughter, creativity and the Arts have contributed to her unique style as a teacher, speaker and workshop facilitator. Bridget brings a refreshing amount of fun and lightness to breaking through some of people’s most dense blocks. Her style gives people permission to let go, have fun, laugh at themselves and use what holds them back to become free and grow.


Heather O’Quinn Regan:

‘It feels like coming home to the whole hearted truth of who I have always authentically been, but was afraid to share with the world.
It is the definition of me living my authentic truth and sharing that with the world and giving others the permission to do the same and be their authentic selves and live their truth also.’

IMG_7131Heather Regan is a Soul Centered Psychotherapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Certified Counselor and Empowerment Coach. She received her Masters Degree in Professional Mental Health Counseling and and is trained in Hypnosis, EFT, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Meditation, and more. Heather has broken out of the mold of traditional psychotherapy by fusing modern psychology with spirituality and intellect with intuition by leading each session with a Spirit Driven Approach. She helps women learn to break out of their patterns of filling voids with food, shopping, body shame and relationship drama and fill their spirits with God and living authentically instead.                                                                  


Cassandra Bodzak:

‘Supporting my life on light feels like following my joy, staying in the flow of abundance, trust and truth, it feels like effortlessly gliding towards my highest destination. In times of struggle or sadness, it feels like having an everlasting well of strength deep in my core, a tool to chip through the stone and bring myself back to the light. It feels like being on a mission on this planet to spread my light, share my light and awaken the light in others, because that’s exactly what it is.’

cbodzak-meditating-2Cassandra Bodzak is a global meditation + wellness teacher. She’s an author, speaker, TV personality and works with clients one on one all over the world.Who am I or “what’s my title”? Honestly, I have a fairly hard time with that question. I don’t like defining myself. (That’s mostly why I recorded the video!) I’m LIGHT, I’m a daughter, a friend, a mentor, a mom to a five year old goldfish. I’m also an author, blogger, YouTuber, TV personality, healthy cooking expert, wellness coach and meditation teacher. At the core of it all, regardless of what fancy title you want to smack on it, I help people create a life the LIGHTS them up from inside out.


Danielle Mercurio:

‘Living my life working the light is a complete alignment of soul and purpose. It’s the knowing that in the moments of fear I will be carried in the love that I in turn promote. Every day is filled with a sense of dazzling wonder, letting the excitement of what could be take over. Being in constant awe as to how divinely everything works out. In it’s truest sense, being a Lightworker is a home coming into a path that honors the sacred contract written in the cosmos before my descent onto this earthly plane. The biggest thing I’ve learned in being a Lightworker is that there is no definition, you simply must show up each and every day and you’ll be show where to go and what to do. It is the most pure act of service you can engage in!’

IMG_7132Danielle Mercurio is a transformational coach, intuitive astrologist and Kundalini Yoga & meditation teacher, who inspires individuals to experience bliss in their everyday life!  She best describes herself as an “urban gypsy” and believes that the answers we are seeking already exist in the universe and has a way of bringing forth such guidance to reveal your fate. Having a passion for astrology and tarot cards since a young age, she utilizes these cosmic tools to create clarity and awareness for her clients.  Danielle received her life coach and energy leadership training at the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She has also worked under the spiritual leadership and guidance of Gabrielle Bernstein and is certified in levels 1 & 2 of her Spirit Junkie Masterclass. She loves travel and new adventures, good food and conversation, and being in the present moment.


Torrie Pattillo:

‘I really love this question. It feels….

::  In alignment with my soul-level desires, higher purpose and personal mission. In fact, I call myself a Holistic Entrepreneur because my life+work+vision+passions+sacred commitments+spiritual calling aren’t separate. It’s a sacred union of all of the above.

::  Like I’m a Goddess. Here to be of service in a major way, building a legacy, empowering other women, inspiring others through my own soul-centered actions. Also I feel cherished, powerful yet heart-centered and fully fueled by love.

::  Magical. I’ve suddenly started to attract some of the most amazing soul-sisters, mentors, experiences and opportunities. I’ve become a manifesting QUEEN. I’ve recognized my gift of alchemy which allows me to transform anything into something beautiful for myself and others. My inner and outer worlds finally connect. I’m finally a co-creator instead of a victim. I’m able to raise my vibration to experience more joy and can heal things that bring me down much faster and more sustainably.

::  Affluent. I’m a Soul CEO of a business that’s creating positive influence in the world. I have freedom of time, innovation and ideas. I’m consciously circulating prosperity by being able to financially support other women making a difference. I’m able to pay my expenses, hire a team of lightworkers to help ME help the WORLD, and work with other mentors/leaders/experts who can help me polish my work and make my light shine brighter…through money I earn doing what I love. Even when I have months where my income is crap…I don’t freak out. Entrepreneurship is ebb and flow, but it only takes ONE big break to change everything. When you stay on purpose…financial recovery is guaranteed.

::  Like I’m finally being seen. Until fairly recently, I’ve always felt invisible, unworthy, afraid, unsupported, misunderstood, ostracized, useless, and like nothing I did/said/created/envisioned mattered. I felt the need to numb out, so I didn’t have to think about it. Now, I’ve shed all the things that made me feel that way: Shitty cubicles and misaligned work in corporate America. A toxic and psychologically damaging marriage that led me to feeling small, unloved and held back. Unsupportive, low vibe and judgmental friends. Rules and beliefs that didn’t align with my truth. Negative media that sent me into comparison. Spiritual practices/religion that made me feel like I had to be a mindless robot. Feeling like I have to hide my true talents and unique gifts. Now that I’m on purpose with my Lightworker mission, I attract the most resonate things/people/experiences. I’m living a life and doing work that makes me feel worthy. And, because I’m allowing myself to be seen for the authentic version of me…I feel loved.

::  FREE- I’ve always felt like a fucking domesticated doormat! I was the High Priestess of Co-dependency rescuing people who didn’t want to be saved. I was giving away my power to everyone else. I allowed others to put a price tag on my skills and worth. I’m standing out instead of “fitting in”. Now, I consider myself a full-time nonconformist, which has cracked my life and happiness wide open. I love that I get to design my life and business the way I want, on my own damn terms. I feel like any and everything is possible. I finally understand the limitless/boundless nature of life and it feels amazing!

But here’s the biggest part: this isn’t just MY story. This is OUR story. OUR future. All it takes is commitment.
Commitment to:

::  Discover how we can shine our light most fully with maximum impact
::  Proudly uphold the Lightworker revolution by healing and transforming ourselves so we can help heal & transform the world
::  Stop doing what we’re TOLD to do, rather doing what we were BORN to do
::  Join other Lightworkers and support their work. This is the new paradigm where there IS no competition. Universal solidarity, community and soulful collaboration is the ONLY way we’ll thrive. Otherwise, someone may SEEM like they’re winning the race, but at the end of the day…we’ll all perish.
::  Sincerely honor and make it a priority to fulfill your dreams. Desires? It’s not a bad word. Desire is the highest form of being spiritual. It leads to enlightenment and service.

I envision a world where…
every living being is fully awakened to love, light, oneness, abundance, joy, beauty, magic, miracles and sacred creation.
no woman will settle for a paycheck, or depend on others for financial support, and instead, can support herself, unleash her vision, and fulfill her dreams merely by sharing her Light most fully in the world. THIS is real success.
You can focus on what’s right in front of you: “I need to earn money right now and I don’t want to be judged.”
OR….you can focus on the long-term-the big vision- escaping the rat race and old paradigm where everyone hates their career, has little time for joy/family/creating/living/rest/mindfulness, and the world remains in it’s critical state of turmoil
Living your passions, aligning with your light, and refusing to listen to the naysayers…THIS is “the secret” to sustainable affluence/prosperity. THIS is the secret to building a world you’re happy to live in.’

IMG_7133Torrie Pattillo is a Soul-Alignment Strategist, and Licensed Desire Map Facilitator for women entrepreneurs who feel unfulfilled, unseen and financially strapped.  Through her blog, FREE Sacred Alchemist Mastermind Group, and mystic-based offerings, she’s here to help you create sustainable happiness, visibility and success on your own terms —while aligning your life + business with your Soul and higher purpose.

Her unorthodox insights have been featured on Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen and BeTrueBeLove. She’s also a “Wise Woman” teacher for Sacred Sister Society’s virtual workshops.

When she’s not trailblazing freedom, building unconventional communities, or serving as a catalyst for social change and sacred leadership, you can find her channeling her inner “Hippie Goddess”, (think rituals + nature + adventure + nonconformity + sisterhood + wisdom seeking + natural foods + creativity) or mastering the art of being a vegetarian “Foodie”.

Thank you, Lightworker Leaders!  Keep shining and Lighting the way for us!  Please share this post!
Lightworker Residents, if you could ask your favourite Lightworker mentor a question, what would it be?
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