Wow. Is this really happening? Is this LIVE?! Are you reading this? Is this a dream? I made a thing, a thing called Lightworker Nation.
For you, for me, for the world.
To fulfill that which had to be released from my heart, my spirit, my Light, this lifetime. I did it. I actually fucking did it.

Guys, I’m really emotional. I’m crying. Actually, I’ve been crying all week – from gratitude, from fear, from wtf am I doing? Thank you for being here! Thank you for the excitement, the love, the support, the anticipation. I made this for you, to show you that you can do it too, but only if you really, really, reallllllly want it.

It’s worth it.


However, this was N-O-T an easy labouring. It was actually really fucking challenging. But it was also cathartic. I grew a lot. I made something beautiful, and I’m stepping into my own Light fully.

I had to practice what I preach on a moment by moment basis, and come back to my Light, the inspiration for all of this, when I needed to most. Sometimes I did, and sometimes I didn’t. I cried. A lot. Sometimes I questioned exactly why it was that I was doing this. Did I mention it was challenging?

But then I remembered my why, how I felt when I didn’t know about the Light within us, the power + the love we each hold, how it felt to feel like I had reached the pinnacle in my life, and it really wasn’t much. And I wasn’t happy, and I accepted that as my truth. But lack, comparison and limits are not our truth. We each have tremendous possibilities in our life when we choose from a place of love. Miracles happen. Again, and again, and again.

I am incredibly grateful for the support from my husband, Nick, along this journey. When Lightworker Nation started to come alive with inspiration, conceptualization, taking on a life of it’s own, he finally saw that I was making something that I was excited about, that I was moved by.  Thank you to our kid, Lola.  Spending our days together makes all this worthwhile.  Thank you for showing me unconditional love everyday.

I’d also love to thank my website team at Miniature Massive – Justin, Ani, Emilie, Jessica + Sergiy. Thank each of you for all your patience with me with every change that I made along the way. You all know the creative process and understood that I was being moved.  You all executed my vision perfectly!  Thank you is not enough..

Thank you to my sister, Sheila, the brightest Light I’ve ever known. Thank you for your unending love, encouragement + just being my big sister! I love you beyond words. To my niece, Alyssa, I adore you. I’ve seen a Light in you ever since the moment you were born.  Nurture it, listen to it, let it lead your way.  It will guide you to exactly where you need to go.
To my father + my grandmother + my brother, Nujalia + my cousin, Lena, I love you.


To my Spirit Junkie Masterclass Family, words cannot express my love + gratitude for you.. You are my inspiration, my rock, and you all inspire me to keep going on this path. Each and every single one of you have an incredible story to share! Keep sharing! Keep showing up, for yourself and for your family. Don’t doubt me when I say we are changing the very vibration of the planet. I am here for you always. It is such an honour to walk alongside you in this lifetime. Our family is the inspiration for the space I want to create for those who don’t have what we have. We all need such an accepting, non-judgemental space to thrive! I love you.

To my teacher, Gabby Bernstein, since again words can’t express the impact you’ve had in my life, all I will say is a simple thank you. Without you I would not be here. Lightworker Nation is a result of your guidance in the Masterclass’. Thank you for the invitation to my Light to expand and to thrive.  Years ago, you showed me what was possible, and you continue to show me today.

And to the gentleman who introduced me to my Light, Dr. Wayne Dyer, you taught everything that I know that is good, and real, and true.. You literally saved my life.  You gave me hope back when I didn’t have any..  Thank you for showing me that I can SOAR!

And to you, yes YOU, reading this. Thank you for showing up here. Not for me, but for you. Stay committed. Keep showing up, keep forgiving, keep surrendering your shit, follow your Light. It’s worth it. I promise. Life is beautiful. I love you.