‘You’re ready’ my intuition whispered. My mind told me otherwise but my heart confirmed it, with flutters of excitement, and nausea in my tummy, I was told to jump fully into my dream, taking Lightworker Nation from a place that existed in my heart alone, to a space filled with Lightworker residents making shit happen.


In the very early  morning on July 31st I was doing my full moon ritual, something I had been doing for a year as guided by my dear friend + astrologist Danielle Mercurio’s  YouTube videos. This full moon being a Blue Moon, the second full moon of the month, the surge of power + force this moon cycle carried was that much more powerful! Danielle was guiding us, her devoted followers, for the opportunity to go even deeper into our desires with this Blue Moon. Go big, Baby. You’re ready!

Last year I heard the call to dive into spiritual teacher training with my mentor, Gabby Bernstein. I wanted to be a conduit for people who were ready to make changes in their lives, and to provide space for them to step fully in their Light. I had done so with the guidance of so many wonderful teachers, and I had made real changes in my life from learning how to practice forgiveness, to putting space between my true Self and the anger that had raged on in me for so many years, a self inflicted victim angry at the world for the shitty hand of cards I believed I had been dealt.

So, I had a wonderful, exciting, affirming spiritual teacher training weekend in NYC in September 2014, where I aligned with some of the brightest Lights on the planet. Then, I came home and started to take online training courses to learn how to build an online biz, then I took group coaching on how to build an online biz, then I read some books on how to build an audience, then I attempted (hilariously) to build my own website vickyaufdermauer.com, then I agreed with my husband’s suggestion to make a large investment in my biz and hire professional website designers, then I started to build it, and create content, and get ready, get ready, get ready.

THEN after a few weeks of showing up at my altar and my meditation practice, the words ‘Lightworker Nation’ came to me – clear, loving guidance from being a clear channel to the Universe. I thought for sure that Lightworker Nation had to be a ‘thing’ already, it was just so beautiful, and sounded so powerful and aligned with the vision of what I wanted to create.

So I googled it. Nothing. Instagramed it. Nothing. Hashtagged it. Nothing! Lightworker Nation wasn’t already a thing?! Lightworker Nation is MY THING?! At first I was excited, then I got scared! I knew with every cell in my body that I had to put the brakes on what I was already creating halfway through vickyaufdermauer.com, and change directions building a Nation for Lightworker’s!

Having met so many Lightworker’s in my Spirit Junkie Masterclass training and really over the years since my spiritual journey began, I knew that I wanted to work with people who were following their own Light, their own hearts, and making shit happen on the planet. People who were on a healing journey, discovering things about themselves that changed their whole life perspective, with the desire to help labour other’s healings, shining Light where Light was needed, whether it was in our own lives or the bigger picture of society and the world. Maybe they just needed some guidance or support or know that they’re not alone, a community to hold space for them..

But what I didn’t know was if I was ready to facilitate such a space as powerful as Lightworker Nation. In my heart it felt right, in my body and in my intuition but to my mind, my ego, I wasn’t.

But I knew enough, had learned enough to know that I was in fact ready, because the desire, the longing and the knowing were there, and that I was being guided.

Back to my Blue Moon ritual, early that morning as the full moon came into full presence at 6:43am, I accepted the invitation, set the launch date for the Monday, August 31st following the next full moon, and rather than getting ready, I got to work.


May you get to know that feeling in your heart, may you begin to hear the whispers of your soul, may you move towards it despite what your head tells you is logical or not, may you affect people’s lives for the better, may you inspire others, and yourself, may you trust that you’ll be supported. ‘Cause you are.

Happy full moon.

Because the moon cycles are so powerful for us here at Lightworker Nation, we’ll be featuring Danielle’s video guidance and rituals to help us reach our goals + intentions. Woot!

I’d love to hear from you!  Please leave a comment below and let us know what your HEART is ready for!  We’ll hold space to make that shit happen!