I Am healed.
Decades of anger – at the world, at my family, at myself.
I’ve healed it all…. and there was A LOT to heal.  From the never.ending.comparison. to people who looked like they had all their shit together (everyone but me in my eyes..), to the looking for love, approval, and direction from outside of me in the form of people I deemed ‘better’ or ‘not as good’ as me, to relationships with men not worthy of my time, let alone my affection, and drugs + alcohol to numb myself from my inner turmoil which created my outer turmoil of a life.  I was lost, angry and blamed the world for where I was, not taking any responsibility for the choices that I had made to get there.

Not that I could have chosen any other way… not from where I was at the time.  I truly didn’t know any better.  I believed that I was shit out of luck, and that I was just one of those people who was dealt a shitty hand of cards at life.  I just wasn’t going to amount to anything, do anything, become anything, so why even try.

And now, I’m a writer + blogger, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a healer, a coach, a lover of life, a bright Light + the co-creator (along with the Universe!) of Lightworker Nation.
In retrospect, it all makes sense now.

The hurt, the pain, the anger, the desperation, the longing for something, anything, to make me feel, or to make me numb, or the wanting affection from anyone willing.  I see the beauty and perfection of it all.  Now, YOU KNOW I’ve done some serious healing if I can see perfection is ALL OF IT!  But I do, and I send love + Light to the lost me, the me of a million lifetimes ago (at least that’s what it feels like!).  I’ve certainly shed a million layers of what I thought was real, how I thought life had to be, to a life full of wonder, beauty, peace, light, love.  I lead a very simple life now.  I only want to love – to give and to receive.  It’s the only thing that’s real.  I want to show others that love + Light + peace + happiness + forgiveness + beauty is possible, no matter their past.  Not only that, I want to reignite the Light within them.  I Am a Lightworker..  And so are you.  You know you are.  You wouldn’t be here on this page, in this space, in Lightworker Nation if you weren’t.  I Am so happy you’re here!  So, SO happy!  I’ve been connecting with you in my daily meditations, calling upon you, waiting for you to answer.  Honey, we need you.  The world needs you.  You’ve healed too.  You may not *think* that you’re where you need to be to do the work you are called to do, but you are.  Honey, you were born for this…  Doesn’t it all make sense?  The pain, the confusion, the hurt.. it all led you to right here, right now.  You are a Lightworker.  Say it out loud, even if it’s a whisper.  I Am a Lightworker.

From here on out, you have a place to meet other Lightworker’s.  You have a place to inspire you to keep going.  You have somewhere to support you, and to learn from, and to inspire, and to commit, and to love, and to recognize, and to re-organize, and to surrender, and to accept, and to feel gratitude for this incredible journey that you’re on, that we’re on together, and to see what your life could look like, your every day, this very day, could look like when you commit to your Light.  It’s your everything.  love.light.beauty.creativity.gratitude.inspiration.abundance.work.knowing.trust.everything.  Your Light is your everything, and when you commit to it, life is beautiful.  It all makes sense.