Are You a Lightworker?

Lightworker’s are those of us who are aware of the true power that we hold, our Light, within us. Rather than focus on the darkness that the world carries,

we contemplate the Light,

because we know that is how change comes about.  Lightworker's are on a mission, first to Love, then to heal.  But we're not speaking of romantic love... we're speaking of the all-encompassing love of the Universe, and also love as an action. We believe in the action of surrender + of forgiveness + of miracles (a change in perception from fear to love). We believe in soul contracts + divine intervention + quantum shifts. We are entrepreneurs, mothers, therapists, caterers, yogi's, designer's and we work in the corporate world.  We write books + plays + blogs. We run corporations and coffee shops.  Regardless of what our 'job' is, we know that our true work is to BE the Light.
We're answering a call.... a call to commit to healing our lives, so that we can shine our Light and be. the. change. on this planet. We are needed to help heal others and that healing begins with our own.
Life isn't perfect, it's a process.
We still stumble. We still fall. Sometimes, we even forget our Light.
But we recognize when we detour back to old patterns, we forgive our Selves, learn from it, and then choose again.

We never set out to do this, become a Lightworker.
It chose us well before we were born into this body.

Some of us are even called to leave the comfort of what we've known our entire lives (a regular paycheque) and work our Light like a full time job. Whether it's starting a business, writing a book, taking yoga teacher training and opening a studio, to speaking and sharing our stories.  We step out fully into our Light.
We must answer, ‘cause everything in our being is telling us to.  We feel like we don’t have a choice.

Is it crazy?
NO.  (Although some people in our lives will think it is.)
That’s ok. Keep going.
With so much darkness in the world right now, this planet could use all of our Light, and then some! We were born for this!

When we align our actions with our truest intention to Be The Light, we WILL be supported, AND abundantly no less.

Life is beautiful.
Our Light Work is beautiful.
Our daily connection to our Light is felt everywhere.
We illuminate this world.

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