your light


your Life


I am Vicky.

I am creative.

I am abundant.

And I am a visionary.

This is NOT how the first ‘half’ of my life was described.

You may as well love what you do, make an impact with your work, and make good money doing it!

One life time as you

Your Light and your work are needed to help heal the planet.

Embrace your light.Live the life you know you were meant to live.

Iam A light worker

Lightworker Nation is our nation. It is a manifestation of divine, clear guidance.It was co-created through myself and the Universe

Work your Light.
Heal the world.
Be abundantly supported.

Wow. Is this really happening? Is this LIVE?! Are you reading this? Is this a dream? I made a thing, a thing called Lightworker Nation.